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Our purpose is to orient young people in a rapidly changing world and help each student find their own direction and discover who they are, what they care deeply about, and how to navigate their way through life successfully.
Our Members:
1/ Global Embassy: Global Embassy consists of a network of leading institutions, educators, researchers, and designers who share a collective ethos about learning and collaborate to: provide consultation and guidance on the latest developments and future of learning; conduct research; and give access to teacher training and professional development.
2/ VIA Education: The Vietnam Institute For Arts Education (VIA Education) provides international education programmes for music and performing arts. In addition, VIA Education offers the latest, well-researched curriculum and training for teachers and the highest quality materials and publications, aiming to elevate the standard of music and performing arts education in Vietnam and build a cutting-edge and sustainable arts community.
3/ Little Em's: Little's Em is the first official Reggio Emilia Approach® Pre-school in Vietnam, specifically designed for Vietnamese children ages 2 to 6.
4/ Em Maison: Em Maison Pre-school Education System is a middle-tier early childhood education project by Global Embassy, with a mission of nurturing and educating children from 2 to 6 years old through its pedagogical philosophy deeply rooted in the Reggio Emilia Approach®.
5/ Royal Embassy Academy: Royal Embassy Academy is a bilingual K–12 school pursuing a unique Royal+ curriculum (a combination of Vietnamese National Curriculum - MOET and International Baccalaureate - IB), with a fully integrated arts and sports programme.
6/ Kindermusik: Kindermusik is the world’s leading provider of music-based education for children from 4 months to 7 years old.
7/ Yoga Planet: Yoga Planet is the first Children Yoga Storytelling in Vietnam, which accredited Registered Children's Yoga School (RCYS) by the Yoga Alliance USA, thoughtfully designed for children between 2 and 10 years old.
8/ACT Academy: ACT Academy offers an international standard Acting and Public Speaking programme aiming to give students all the skills they need for any career.
9/ Lyricist: LYRICÍST Dance Company (LDC) is a professional performing arts company, which aspires to promote Dance courses among university/college students, young generations, and emerging artists who have a passion for dance.
10/ SMPAA: With world-class facilities and the most updated international music/performing arts curricula available, Soul Music & Performing Arts Academy (SMPAA) focuses on lifting music and performing arts education in Vietnam to a whole new level.
11/ Arts Nation: Arts Nation is a not-for-profit music and dance centre, which offers a variety of music and dance classes for children and adults of all ages through an internationally recognised curriculum aiming to enhance the holistic development of each child.
12/ VIIS: The Vietnam International Institute of Sport (VIIS)'s goal is to provide Vietnamese youth with the most complete athletic and personalised development experience. In doing so, we cultivate future generations of conscientious and effective global citizens, who will further develop and bring pride to Vietnam. To create a new generation of Vietnamese Idols, we emphasise the Holistic Education of Children.​
13/ VCVAA: Vietnam Contemporary Visual Arts Academy (VCVAA) is a visual arts school for students ages 2-18, offering international standard programmes including drawing & painting, fashion design, sculpture, photography, and digital arts.
14/ Special Em's Education Centre: Special Em’s Education Center provides carefully planned programs for special rights children, who are on the autism disorder spectrum, or have difficulties related to language and communication, social interaction, playing skills, and restricted or repetitive behaviours.
15/ AMPA Education: AMPA Education is an int

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